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James began his filmmaking career by studying at both The London Film School and The Los Angeles Film School. Roger Corman spoke at his graduation and soon offered James a film to direct. DEMON SLAYER was released in 2002. James went on to form Dark Highway Films in 2006 to direct  his second feature SUGAR CREEK. In 2009, James directed his largest film, LA LINEA – THE LINE, starring Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta. The film was Maya Entertainments largest grossing film and was in the top ten rentals for 6 weeks.

He went on to produce/exec. produce a number of films including RESURRECTION COUNTY, which he wrote, MADISON COUNTY, which launched filmmaker Eric England, Darren Bousman’s DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, and HANSEL AND GRETEL GET BAKED, starring Molly Quinn, Cary Elwes, and Laura Flynn Boyle. That film was released through Tribeca Films and produced alongside E. Thompson and Mark Morgan, the producers of Twilight.

James also is a partner in LOCAL HERO, a Santa Monica based post and VFX house which has finished such films as PITCH PERFECT, SEARCH PARTY and HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2 for Gold Circle and Universal, HAUNT for QED, CURSE OF CHUCKY and DEATH RACE, THE MARINE 4 for WWE Studios, among many others. James helped produce Local Hero’s in house production, I REMEMBER YOU.







Mark Haynes has been working in and around comics, television, film and pop culture for more than twenty years. Starting his career with Gemstone Publishing and the Overstreet Price Guidehe later moved on to parent company Diamond Comic Distributors, the world’s largest distributor of English-language comic books and pop culture merchandise, and learning the intricacies of comic book publishing and direct market distribution.

On the creative side, in addition to writing the critically acclaimed comic book series 24 (based on the hit Fox television show), he has also specialized in adapting licensed intellectual properties from the worlds of film and television into the sequential storytelling format of comic books. He crafted agreements with companies such as Universal Consumer Licensing, Pearson Television, and theSyFyChannel, and launched comic book incarnations of the classic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the alien invasion thriller FIRST WAVE.

Among his most recent projects are the well received pilot script for FLYING APART, the brash, insightful drama that examines the working world and private lives of America’s Air Marshals, PHASE 6, a ripped-from-the-headlines medical thriller, and consulting editor on the near-future action thriller THE GATECRASHERS.